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General Information and Advice on Sowing Wild Flower Areas

Wild Flowers can be used in many and varied situations, ranging from planting as for garden varieties within general garden planting, through specific "wild" areas, to out and out conservation areas; the choice of species to be included will vary accordingly, with the more decorative types being used in the first instance, to a broader range including species of more wildlife value being used in the latter. We are happy to produce range lists of species suitable for particular habitats, tailored to include species which are native to a particular geographic location.

We are able to supply seeds to suit all the different scenarios; either as individual packets; or, for larger areas, as "habitat mixes"; either as all wild flowers, or as a mixture with grasses.

The way that each situation is tackled can have a great bearing on its long term success; and we are happy to provide information and advice to hopefully maximise the potential for any requirements; we can supply information on the best way to raise individual species from seed, and we produce an information sheet relating to the establishment and maintenance of mixed wild flower and grass combination areas, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of the various possible methods.

It is worth remarking that different plant families have varying tendencies to "cross" with garden varieties, this may or may not be important when considering which to include in any given situation. We will be happy to advise you on this subject, to the best of our experience. (This does not affect the original plant, only susequent generations raised from their seed).